Recording Desired Videos on Mac made Easy and Convenient

video recIn case, you have been searching for very simple, yet useful video recording software, then Movavi Screen Capture would be a remarkable choice. The computer software has been known to turn your Mac into a relatively easy video recorder that you could utilize for creating various types of things. The software caters you with the freedom to record any video that you want on your Mac.

Recording desired video on Mac made simple

In case, you have always wondered how to record video on Mac, the best mode would be to make use of Movavi’s user-friendly recording software for Mac. The software has been designed to let you capture any kind of activity from your desktop. The program does not require any professional skills. Even a person not having comprehensive understanding about computers could record preferred videos on Mac using this software. All you would be required to do is to set your capturing preferences with a couple of clicks, record your desktop display and save the video in any desired popular format. Video capture on Mac has been made relatively easy and convenient with this powerful desktop recorder.

Setting up screen video capture on Mac

You should record the screen at around 60 frames per second for a smooth playback experience. You would also have the option of setting a lower frame rate at 5 fps for reducing resulting file size.

Adjusting the capture area

You would also be given the option to move and resize the capture frame for recording any part of screen in an easy and convenient manner.

Recording mouse and keyboard actions

The software enables the user to press displayed keys on the screen for capturing movements of the mouse along with highlighting the cursor. You could make mouse clicks louder, quieter or mute them completely. Click sounds of the mouse could also be customized.

Managing audio sources

You could grab sound from system audio, microphones, headphones, MIDI devices. The software enables you to record Skype calls and program sounds as well. However, it would be imperative that you check and adjust audio device volume.

Recording desktop on your Mac

Manage the recording process with hot keys or use the capture frame. You could take screenshots during video recording in whatever format you need such as JPEG, PNG and more. There would be no need to be at the computer the whole time, as you could schedule the recording duration. The software enables the user to set the timer and relax. The grabber has been designed to record your screen within the scheduled time automatically.

Saving recorded video in any desired format

The software has been equipped with editing feature that enables the user to trim the unwanted clips. Moreover, you could save your video in the format you desire such as choosing from MP4, AVI, MOV and many other available options. You could also make use of convenient mobile presets for saving your video in order to view on your tablet or phone. The SuperSpeed mode enables you to save the video in a matter of minutes.